This is one mammal we can almost guarantee you will see on one of our game drives.

*Each zebra has a unique stripe pattern (no two are the same) just like human fingerprints.
*When a female is about to give birth after a 12 month gestation period she will move away from the herd for two or three days. During this time the female and her foal will bond and get to know each other’s scent and stripe pattern.
*When standing next to each other but facing away from one another as depicted in the above photo, they are not only watching each others backs but also using each others tails as a fly swatter for their faces.
*A question that is asked most often is whether they are black with white stripes or white with black stripes? Zebras are mostly covered in white fur and striped with black, but underneath their coat the skin is black.

*A herd of zebras is known as a “Dazzle”
*In a dazzle there will be a dominant stallion who has rights to all the females. Other males will fight him for dominance, these fights can get rather nasty. The males will often try bite and kick each other which can cause severe injury to their opponent. The Male zebra in the above photos could possibly have lost his tail during a fight with another male.
*You will always see a bloated stomach on a zebra, this is due to bacteria in the stomach digesting all the grass they eat. This fermentation produces a lot of gas that will bloat the stomach (listen when they run, you can hear the gas escaping).
*Even when a zebra is sick and losing condition it will still look fat, so a good indicator is to look at their mane instead. They have a strip of fat below their manes and when they are in good condition the mane will stand up straight, but as they loose condition they will use this fat reserve and the mane will start to flop over.

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