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Giraffe chewing bone

Giraffe chewing on a bone!

Have you ever seen a giraffe chewing on a bone? This is something often seen while on Game drive in the Pilanesberg National Park. While out and about in the Reserve one might see a Giraffe sucking on something, often with saliva streaming from...Read More
Once in a lifetime sighting

A sad but once in a lifetime sighting

Every now and then you get a sighting where you sit back and think to yourself “Wow did I just see that?” This was one of those sightings for me. On the 2/09/2016 at around 13.00 I was making my...Read More

Pilanesberg Birds – 2

Hamerkop It gets its name from the shape of its head. They build very large nests usually in the fork of a tree. They walk in shallow water looking for prey which consists of amphibians, fish, shrimp, insects and rodents. White-fronted...Read More
Bush roadblocks

The traffic and roadblocks we deal with…Bush Roadblocks

In the city there is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic after a long day. In the bush we deal with traffic and road blocks of a different kind. I’m sure all the guides will agree that a Bush roadblock is...Read More
Pilanesberg Bird Watching

Pilanesberg Bird Watching – 1

Sometimes we all concentrate on the big things so much that we forget about a whole other kingdom that is out there … The bird kingdom. In these posts we would like to share Pilanesberg Bird Watching with you. Lilac-Breasted...Read More

Warthog wonders

An animal that I know as “ugly cute”, often seen while on a gamedrive and often overlooked Warthogs are actually remarkable creatures. Here are some interesting facts you may not know about them: Warthogs have inherited their name due to...Read More

Things you may not know about Zebras

This is one mammal we can almost guarantee you will see on one of our game drives. *Each zebra has a unique stripe pattern (no two are the same) just like human fingerprints. *When a female is about to give...Read More
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