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Aardvark in Pilanesberg!

​​Early in the morning on the 5 May Mankwe GAMETRACKERS guide Tarryn Rae had a sighting of the last thing one would expect to see in Pilanesberg . . . An Aardvark! After fetching guests for the hot air balloon...Read More

Bush Roadblocks

In the city there is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic after a long day. In the bush we deal with traffic and road blocks of a different kind. I’m sure all the guides will agree that a Bush…

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Hot air balloon Safari

Take to the skies

There is nothing like waking up to a beautiful sunrise in Pilanesberg and our hot air balloons taking flight. We have had a few groups come and fly with us over the last week or so, we hope that they...Read More
African Wild dog

African Wild Dog

Also known as the African painted dog due to its striking mottled coat.  Their Latin name Lycaon pictus means painted wolf. We don’t see them often so therefore when we do it is something extra special. In the Pilanesberg the Wild...Read More

Valentines Day special More

The latest additions to Pilanesberg

The newest additions to Pilanesberg… Some lion cubs estimated to be around 10 weeks old. Their mom has started bringing them down from their rocky hideaway to spend sometime with the pride. We have been lucky enough to see them...Read More

Some great sightings lately – here are some highlights

Both summer and the festive season are in full swing. Here are some of the sightings we have had on our game drives over the last week or so. Highlights from our game drives Book your game drive today: More

Close but no luck – A great sighting last week Thursday

Last week Thursday (08/12/2016) on one of our afternoon game drives we had a whole lot of excitement, not even 10 minutes after going through Bakubung gate of the Pilanesberg. We start our afternoon game drives at 17.00 at the...Read More

What is the best time to do a Game drive?

A good question that we often get asked by our guests. A good time to go on a game drive in Pilanesberg depends on the time of year that you are visiting. That is why we change our scheduled gamedrive times...Read More

Female cheetah “Rain” makes front page news

We all know what a super star our female cheetah Rain is, but now even more people know it. On Sunday the 6 November Field guide Greg Esterhuysen picked up his camera just in time to get some amazing photos...Read More
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