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Some great sightings lately – here are some highlights

Both summer and the festive season are in full swing. Here are some of the sightings we have had on our game drives over the last week or so. Highlights from our game drives Book your game drive today: More
Some green vegetation and great sightings

Some green vegetation and great sightings after a little rain

We Have had our first bit of rain which has helped turn everything green again, we are hoping for a lot more soon to help fill up the dams. In the meantime we have started seeing the odd baby Springbok...Read More
Once in a lifetime sighting

A sad but once in a lifetime sighting

Every now and then you get a sighting where you sit back and think to yourself “Wow did I just see that?” This was one of those sightings for me. On the 2/09/2016 at around 13.00 I was making my...Read More

Up close and personal

Sometimes you are at the right place at the right time. Want A Close Encounter Of Your Own? BOOK NOWRead More

How to tell the difference between male and female Giraffes.

Ever wonder how to tell the difference between a male and female Giraffe even if you just see their heads above the trees? In the above photo the male is on the left and the female on the right. Both...Read More
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