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Some highlights from June 2018

Every Game drive/Safari in the Pilanesberg is different, as field guides we drive through the gate and never know exactly what is going to happen. This all adds to the excitement as we head out on a game drive or Hot air balloon flight.  Winter is...Read More

Activities to suit the whole family

It may be too cold to swim at the moment but with our wide range of activities, we have you covered. We have activities to suit the whole family from a Sunrise Hot Air Balloon flight/Safari over The Pilanesberg National Park to...Read More

Two very patient lionesses

While out on a morning game drive/ safari in Pilanesberg we came across two lionesses out on a hunt. They were walking around on the lookout for some prey. Not far up the road, there were some waterbuck that had no...Read More

Up close and personal

Sometimes you are at the right place at the right time. Want A Close Encounter Of Your Own? BOOK NOWRead More
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