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Some highlights from May 2018

Every Game drive/Safari in the Pilanesberg is different, as field guides we drive through the gate and never know exactly what is going to happen. This all adds to the excitement as we head out on a game drive or Hot air balloon flight.  We...Read More
Hot air balloon flights/safaris _Pilanesberg National Park

Hot air Balloon flight over a pride of lions

As much as we have no idea what we are going to see when we are out on one of our Game drives/Safaris in The Pilanesberg doing the Hot air Balloon flight is no different. On this particular morning, we flew over a...Read More

Rhino darting – Something special

Most of us know about the plight of the Rhino. Both the black and white rhino populations, along with other mammals, are in huge trouble of being wiped out. The thought of Africa no longer being home to “The Big...Read More

A short video about Mankwe Gametrackers

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Friendship Balloon flight

Earlier this month we were lucky enough to have the Friendship balloon fly alongside one of our own in the Pilanesberg National Park. The Ultramagic friendship balloon was created not only to raise funds for various charities but also in...Read More

Hot air balloon flight over a large crocodile

About three weeks ago guests on the hot-air-balloon were treated to flying quite low over Makorwane dam as they were coming in to land. We don’t see crocodiles very often as they have been hiding in the deep water in...Read More

Take to the skies

Ever wonder what it would be like to float on a cloud? Treating yourself to a hot air balloon flight is the closest you can get. What better place to do this than over the Pilanesberg National park. Pilanesberg boasts...Read More
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