Field guide Patrick Sefako tells the story: “While on a game drive in Pilanesberg with guests we came across a pride of lions. It is always exciting when we get to share these big cats with our guests”.

“There was a troop of baboons not far from where the lions were headed. When they saw the approaching lions they made a run for the trees. They were clearly not happy with the approaching big cats as they were alarm calling and even fighting amongst each other. At one point one or two fell from the tree, one youngster ended up being injured in all the commotion. He seemed to no longer have control of his back legs. So he was left hanging quite low down in the tree with the others watching from above. The struggling youngster captured one of the lionesses attention and that marked the end for him”.

As sad as it may seem this is nature’s way and it is probably a good thing that this little guy didn’t suffer for long as he would never have been able to keep up with the troop or look after itself.

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