Pilanesberg’s super star “Rain”

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In April we did a blog post introducing you all to “Rain” the only female cheetah in Pilanesberghttps://www.mankwegametrackers.co.za/meet-rain-and-her-three-cubs/).

Her three male cubs that we wrote about in the last post are doing very well and thriving in the North of the park. Rain was seen with the two big males a couple of months ago and there after no sightings of her had been reported. We were all starting to get a little worried that something had happened to her. Something had happened to her but it was something exciting that we were all ecstatic to find out about…

Rain has four new cubs that are estimated to be around 8-10 weeks old. Since they were sighted last week there have been numerous sightings of them and both them and mom seem to be doing well. It is very exciting to have yet another litter of cheetah cubs to watch grow. Rain did a fantastic job with the boys and we hope she will be as successful with this litter.

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