Sometimes we all concentrate on the big things so much that we forget about a whole another kingdom that is out there … The bird kingdom.

Orange-breasted bushshrike (Telophorus sulfureopectus)

  • A very striking colorful bird that is often heard more than seen
  • Eats insects and other invertebrates
  • Derives its name from its bright orange breast

African Darter (Anhinga rufa)

  • Also known as snakebird due to the fact that it often swims with only the neck above water making it resemble a snake.
  • African darters do not contain any oil for their feathers and therefore the feathers are not waterproof. That is why one will often see them standing with their wings open in the sun drying off after a dive.

Crested francolin (Dendroperdix sephaena)

  • Crested francolins can fly just not over far distances
  • Can be distinguished from other francolins by the broad whitestripe above its eye.
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