To provide employees and guests with guidelines and standards designed to minimise and avoid the transmission or infection of COVID-19.


This standard is intended to provide a benchmark for best practice in the control and management of bacterial and viral outbreaks that may interrupt or affect the normal operational conditions.  This standard is not intended to eliminate the possibility of infection or transmission of airborne pathogens, but serves to minimise and avoid contamination in the most effective manner possible. 

Glossary of Terms Appropriate Fit for the intended purpose 
Authority Department of Health or Local Public Health Department 
Close Contact Personnel Employees who have unavoidable contact with guests at close range – drivers, guides and depot employees; etc
COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus
Continual basis On purpose a regular, recorded basis according to need or use
Cycle A period in which a vehicle is used by one specific group
Deep Cleaned As prescribed by the WHO Guidelines
Disposable An item intended for single-use
Face Guard A transparent covering that protects the full face
Facemask A breathable covering that provides protection to the mouth and nose
Fogger A misting spray designed to minimise transmission of bacteria and virus’s
Guest Interaction Interaction with an individual passenger
Hand Gloves A glove that covers the hand from the wrist
Hand Sanitiser A product intended for hand use which contains a minimum of 70% alcohol.
Hand-washing Facility A facility that provides running water, soap and hand drying equipment
High Risk Area Any area where the potential for contamination is above average – such as on-board and meeting places.
Sanitised Cleaned with an approved sanitiser or cleaning agent
Protective eyewear Eye protection secured in the form of glasses or face protector
Response Protocol Based on the WHO Guidelines and inclusive of measures to manage cases of infection that may occur
Washable An item that may be washed and reused
WHO World Health Organisation


  1.  The business shall formulate and publish a COVID-19 Response Protocol based on the WHO Guidelines which addresses all operational aspects of the business and treatment of an incident or outbreak at the establishment. 

  2.  All employees shall undergo a symptomatic evaluation before and after every shift. Where employees are found to display – or are suspected of having any symptoms associated with  COVID-19, they shall be isolated and assisted in reporting to the nearest healthcare facility for  treatment and evaluation. 

  3. Where a passenger displays – or is suspected of having any symptom associated with COVID-19, steps shall be taken to isolate the passenger and to notify the appropriate authority. 

  4. Appropriate signage and messaging to raise awareness by guests of measures taken to ensure their safety by the business shall be visible. 

  5. All employees shall be provided with appropriate PPE which shall include:
        a. A washable linen/cloth-based facemask or a face guard in high risk areas
         b. Protective eyewear for close-contact employees.
         c. Protective latex disposable gloves
    Hand sanitiser or hand-washing facilities at their workstation or work areas 

  6. Employees shall be provided with appropriate training and awareness of the Response Protocol and on the use of PPE and measures that have been taken to ensure their safety and that of guests. 

  7. All PPE shall be regarded as medical waste when discarded and shall be treated, stored a disposed-of accordingly. 

  8. Air-hand dryers in depot public restrooms shall be disconnected and replaced by paper towels to minimise airborne and contact contamination. No handtowels- or cloths in public facilities.
  9. All contact surfaces including doors, tables, handles and others shall be sanitised on a continual basis throughout the day.
  10. The business shall ensure that all guests complete a COVID-19 Statement before boarding the vehicle. This shall:
    a. Specifically enquire as to knowledge of the existence of any symptoms associated with the virus;
         b. Details of recent travel activities
  11. The business shall record contact details for all guests or the tour leader (in the case of a tour) including cell phone number, onward destination and home address to assist with official tracing activities in the event that an outbreak of COVID-19 takes place.


  1. Employees shall interact with passengers only while wearing their PPE.
  2. Employees shall maintain a minimum of 1,5 metre distance between themselves and guests wherever possible.
  3. Guests shall be provided with hand sanitiser or hand-washing facilities before boarding or commencement of the activity.
  4. Employees shall sanitise their hands between every passenger interaction.
  5. All on-board surfaces touch-points and items used by guests shall be sanitised after every disembarkation to minimise transmission potential. This shall include:
    a. Countertops

    b. Pens or keypads
    c. Door and window handles
    Seatbelts and restraints   e. Grip handles
  6. Check-in facilities shall be so configured as to ensure 1,5 metre spacing between guests.
  7. Employees shall avoid and discourage unprotected handshakes between themselves and guests.
  8. To minimize contact between employees and guests we automated signing of indemnity and Covid-19 screening questionnaire – An online link will be sent to all guests 24 hours prior to activity booked, in order for them to complete indemnity and Covid-19 questionnaire on their own device.
  9. Contactless payment options are available to prevent the handling of cash by our people at all Facilities. To minimize risk and contact we will be going cashless as far as possible. These may include prepayments, EFTs, credit and debit cards, payment links sent to your mobile device, or QR scan payment option. If a guest or employee handles cash, they must immediately sanitise their hands afterwards.
  10. Temperatures of all guests will be taken by our personal before the activity commences, if guests exceed 37.7º the employee on duty will report to the supervisor who will then meet with the guest and follow the Covid-19 procedure of isolating the passenger for a secondary assessment. The supervisors will contact MGT Management who in turn will inform Sun City Management.
  11. Guests must provide their own facemask when participating in any of our activities or transfers.

9 people 


  1. Air-handling systems, air-conditioner and other air circulation systems shall be sanitised and maintained at least between every booking.
  2. All vehicles shall be stocked with hand sanitiser for guests. In addition,
         a. transfer vehicles – two guests may be seated in any row – each with a window seat, with the exception of family/groups travelling together which can be filled to 100% capacity if travelling 200km or less
         b. Game Drive can accommodate 100% of the licensed capacity, in open game viewer vehicles, with no guests seated next to the field guide driving the vehicle, therefore capacities will be as follows:
                ***25-seaters – maximum 22 people
                ***10-seaters – maximum 9 people
  3. Where possible, guests should be assigned a seat for the duration of their passage and encouraged to remain in their assigned space to minimize the transmission of the virus.
  4. Where fitted, items such as curtaining and other soft, loose fabrics shall be removed.
  5. Magazines, brochures and other printed material shall be removed from the vehicle. Where these items can be safely replaced and managed between cycles, this requirement may be relaxed.
  6. All pillows, blankets, poncho’s and other passenger amenities shall be cleaned or replaced after use or the items must be removed from the vehicle.
  7. All vehicles and activity equipment shall undergo a sanitisation process after every use. This shall include:
               a. The sanitisation of activity equipment and all interior hard surfaces that may have been touched by guests including seatbelts; grip handles; window and door handles;
                     glass surfaces; seatbacks and overhead safety handles.
               b. Hand held radios
              c. Exterior door-handles
              d. Interior windows and glass surfaces
              e. Adequate airing of the vehicle prior to re-use.
  8. After every cycle, the vehicle or any other equipment used for the activity will be disinfected.
  9. Office based employees:
    • If people can work from home this will be encouraged as far as possible. If people can work from home this will be encouraged as far as possible. 
    • Office staff shifts will be staggered and teams/shifts reduced to limit the number of staff in  offices. 
    • Desks and chairs will be removed, spaced apart or taped off to ensure proper distancing and spacing, with Perspex screens used to separate facing workstations and nearby workstations
    • Perspex screens at front line desks when employees have interaction with guests.
    • Superfluous items will be removed from desks to limit surfaces and items for sanitising. 
    • Regular hand sanitising for all employees and regular sanitisation of surfaces will be implemented and no-touch refuse bins will be used for all waste and for sanitising wipes.
    • Where equipment e.g. headsets, PCs, desks, telephones are used, these will be dedicated to one staff member and there will be no hot-desking.
    • All operations, i.e. consultations/bookings/enquiries, will be by telephone or on-line, as far as possible with limited walk-ins. (Social distancing stickers on floors for walk-in business at all our sales desks and activity departure points)
    • Ventilation will be maximised via windows or air-conditioning.
  10. Airtrackers – Hot Air Balloon Safari
    – All balloon crew will be using the sanitizer and hand washing as much as possible.
    – All balloon crew will be using mask and gloves at all times, no exceptions.
    – All balloon equipment, vehicles, baskets etc, will be stripped and washed, cleaned and disinfected, either by spray or fogger or both after every use, no exceptions.
    – Every morning before flight, balloon baskets and vehicles will be disinfected by spray or fogger or both, no exceptions.
    – All balloon crew will adhere to prescribed distance from guests, unless for safety reasons to assist any guests, but then disinfect as soon as possible (a lot of times the crew are        needed to physically assist guests into and out of the balloon basket)
    – As per Mankwe Covid-19 policy, temperature and screening to take place before every flight.
    – Social distancing in the balloon basket becomes a safety issue, as we need a certain amount of weight/people to fly the balloons safely.


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