Terms & Conditions:


  • This Voucher is valid for activities between 15 April 2022 until 15 April 2023.
  • This Voucher has 1 use.
  • This voucher cannot be reused after canceling a booking.
  • This Voucher is transferable to any bearer.
  • This Voucher can only be redeemed directly with the supplier of the service.
  • This Voucher cannot be redeemed for value when booking the supplier via a third party.
  • This Voucher cannot be redeemed for value at the supplier on a booking that was made by a third-party intermediary or wholesaler.
  • This Voucher presented as partial payment on an outstanding balance smaller than the voucher value will be deemed to have a reduced value equivalent to the outstanding balance.
  • This Voucher can only be presented for value outstanding on a booking and is not transferable for cash.
  • Original voucher must be handed to the guide on the day of the activity
    Service T&C’s Apply.

Welcome Centre,
Sun City Resort,
North West,
South Africa

+27 14 552 5020

[email protected]

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