Did you know?

Did you know?

Crocodiles are known carnivores eating all sorts of meat in the form of fish, frogs, birds, antelope, and anything else they can get hold of. Studies have recently found that crocodiles do also consume fruit from time to time. 

Crocodiles are known to swallow small stones to help them with digestion. These stones help grind up some of the tough things that they eat. 

Animals including lions make use of animal pathways to get around. The roads in the National parks are like large pathways which is why they like to make use of walking on the road. 

Lions are the only truly social cats as they form prides. Females will often stay together in the pride their whole lives while the males get pushed out or are replaced by stronger males. 

Kudu bulls use their impressive horns to fight for dominance and in essence females. They will spar by locking their horns and then pushing each other to test their strength. Sometimes their spiraled horns can get tangled and they can’t separate, when this happens the bulls generally end up dying of starvation. 

South Africa Tourism Awards 2022

South Africa Tourism Awards 2022

We have entered the South Africa Tourism Awards.

If you have been on one of our adventures and feel we are worthy please vote for us. Everyone who votes receives a R 1000 travel voucher towards some great accommodation as well as goes into a draw for a fantastic Holiday worth R 100 000.

About the South Africa Tourism Awards

So why have we created this platform? Well after nearly 2 year of crisis for the tourism industry, it brings us great pleasure to bring in some positivity.
You are invited to enter your tourism business into “The South Africa Tourism Awards” These awards are here to recognise and reward tourism businesses who work passionately to improve South Africa as a tourist destination. At the same time its about adding some positivity back into our sector and creating some destination awareness. Its about encouraging more people to explore our magnificently beautiful backroads. You choose that category that suits your business. Entry is free and there is zero commission charged on any bookings. The entries so far have all been nominated by the public.

Did you know?

Did you know?

Though hippos move easily through the water, they can’t actually swim but rather submerge themselves and walk on the floor.

They can’t breathe underwater but can hold their breath for around 5 minutes.

Their eyes, nostrils, and ears are all high on a Hippo’s head which enables them to keep their bodies submerged but still be able to see what is going on around them.

Cheetahs are not social cats they don’t go around in a pride as lions do. Instead, cheetahs are either solitary or one would find a female with her most recent cubs. Males (usually brothers) form coalitions which gives them the upper hand against other males.

Cheetah are daytime cats doing most of their movement and hunting during daylight hours and resting at night.

With their small eyes, rhinos have very poor eyesight and are only able to see at close range. Their sense of smell and hearing are very good making up for the bad eyesight.

White rhinos have large square mouths which are adapted to graze on grass.

White rhinos can live to be 35-40 years old. They have a gestation of approximately 16 months, and mothers give birth to one calf every 2-3 years.

Letsatsing Nature reserve

Letsatsing Nature reserve

Letsatsing nature reserve at Sun City resort has a number of activities and adventures for all ages. Letsatsing is 470 hectares with flat areas and picturesque mountains. When taking part in any of the activities we offer on Letsatsing one should be on the lookout for any of its’ local residences such as Kudu, Wildebeest, Impala, Giraffe, and Sable to name but a few. 

As seen on the map Letsatsing has both a mountain bike trail and Quad bike trails for guests to enjoy. We have an outdoor Archery range and some team-building activities. Families can even join one of our qualified guides on a family bushwalk through the reserve looking at tracks, signs and all that nature has to offer. 

For those wanting to dine out in the bush, we have the Wallow bush venue overlooking one of the dams on the reserve. Open for lunches and dinners on certain days of the week or one can book for a private function from a wedding to a year-end function. 

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