Did you know?

Did you know?

Crocodiles are known carnivores eating all sorts of meat in the form of fish, frogs, birds, antelope, and anything else they can get hold of. Studies have recently found that crocodiles do also consume fruit from time to time. 

Crocodiles are known to swallow small stones to help them with digestion. These stones help grind up some of the tough things that they eat. 

Animals including lions make use of animal pathways to get around. The roads in the National parks are like large pathways which is why they like to make use of walking on the road. 

Lions are the only truly social cats as they form prides. Females will often stay together in the pride their whole lives while the males get pushed out or are replaced by stronger males. 

Kudu bulls use their impressive horns to fight for dominance and in essence females. They will spar by locking their horns and then pushing each other to test their strength. Sometimes their spiraled horns can get tangled and they can’t separate, when this happens the bulls generally end up dying of starvation. 

Highlights from October 2020

Highlights from October 2020

October highlights


Summer is here as we experienced some high temperatures during the month, some days over 38 degrees. Later in the month, the rain arrived which means all the areas in the park that had burnt are now turning lush and green.

Our balloons have started flying again and we are thrilled to share this amazing experience with guests again.

We have shared some great moments and sightings with our guests both on balloons and game-drives over this past month. Here are some photos taken during the month that we would like to share with you. 

With a wide range of activities on offer, we have something for every member of the family to enjoy.

Need something to look forward to after lockdown?

Need something to look forward to after lockdown?

Having something to look forward to during a time like this is important.

That is why we are now selling Hot Air Balloon Safari Gift Vouchers online which are valid for 3 years – for life after lockdown.

What is more, if you purchase a voucher during the month of May 2020 you will go into a draw to win a second voucher for free. The winner will be announced on 01 June 2020.

Earlybird special: The first 10 people to purchase a voucher will get a 20 % discount. Just use the code #EARLYBIRDMOM2020. 

T & C’s Apply 


Mankwe GAMETRACKERS - Hot air balloon

Our hot air balloon featured in a music video

Our hot air balloon featured in a music video

Some members of our team were very excited to meet South African rap artist Khuli Chana. 

A couple of weeks ago Khuli Chana and his team came to film part of his music video for his track  ‘Ichu’ featuring Cassper Nyovest inside our balloon. It was great fun working with them and the results were fantastic. They were kind enough to share a video of behind the scenes with us: 

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