It may seem cruel agreed, but this is nature at its’ best.


Only around 30 percent of lion hunts are successful making it a rare and fantastic sighting when you can actually see it for yourself. Our guides and guests were treated to such an experience on the 27 November 2015. Below are the photos of the action as it happened, taken by one of our field guides Greg Esterhuysen.

While on an afternoon game drive the guests and guides were sitting watching a pride of lions walking along the waters edge at Mankwe dam. After a little while they all started looking intently in one direction, the next thing out of nowhere a warthog dashed out of the treeline and one of the lionesses gave chase.

Her speed was enough and she managed to get a grip on the back of the warthogs neck.

The male and other members of the pride then came running to see if they could help or in the males case take over.

The female was not impressed with the male and swiped at him as he came closer.
In doing so she lost her grip on the warthog, almost losing it.

The male was quick enough to re-catch the warthog and suffocate it.

The whole pride then joined in on the feast. There was a lot of growling and snarling over the warthog as with a big pride like this a warthog is not the biggest of meals.

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