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Game drives/Safaris South Africa Mankwe Gametrackers _Pilanesberg National Park, North West South Africa

A once in a lifetime sighting

A couple of weeks ago field guide Greg Esterhuysen had stopped to look at a herd of Kudus and give his guests some information about them. After a few seconds, something caught his eye. There was a slight movement in...Read More

Not just a floating balloon of hot air – Interesting facts about hot air ballooning

The first passengers to go on a hot air balloon flight in 1783 were a rooster, duck and a sheep. All three passengers made it back to the ground unharmed. The real reason for the champagne toast celebration after going on...Read More

Highlights from May 2019

Every Game drive/Safari in the Pilanesberg is different, as field guides we drive through the gate and never know exactly what is going to happen. This all adds to the excitement as we head out on a game drive or Hot air balloon flight. Winter...Read More
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