Orion- A leopard that seems to like to have his photo taken

Meet “Orion”, this young Leopard male has been “spotted” often on our safaris lately. He is very relaxed around the vehicles seeming to not even notice us as he goes about his day. This is always very exciting as Leopards are not one of the most seen mammals in the Pilanesberg National Park.

We don’t know if one can take a bad photograph of this cat as it is always so hard to choose from the large amount taken. Here are some that we would like to share of this magnificent cat.

The view from above – Hot air balloon flight over The Pilanesberg National Park

One of the perks of our job is that every now and then we get to actually go on one of the activities as a guest instead of a guide. On this occasion, I went on the Hot air balloon flight to get some photos from the air.

No doubt about it July is cold, but once you are on the balloon excitement overtakes the chill around you. There was some mist coming off of Mankwe Dam that morning which made for some great photo opportunities.

There were three balloons taking to the sky that morning making for an even better photo opportunity and a better perspective of what it is like up there.

You don’t even realize you are moving almost like floating on a cloud.

Why not come and experience it for yourself? Take advantage of our winter warmer special,

ending 31 August 2018.

Some highlights from July 2018

Every Game drive/Safari in the Pilanesberg is different, as field guides we drive through the gate and never know exactly what is going to happen. This all adds to the excitement as we head out on a game drive or Hot air balloon flight. 

July was a very busy month for us with the winter school holidays and some groups from the world choir games joining us on a number of activities. We got to share so many special sightings with them, here are some highlights we would like to share with you.

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