Lioness relocating her cubs

On the afternoon Safari on the 7 March, there was a great sighting of a lioness relocating her two cubs. Our guides happened to be in the right place at the right time. It was such a special sighting with mom picking up one cub to carry it across the road, as she would turn to head back to fetch the second cub, the first one would follow her back again. She really had her work cut out for her, in the end, she managed to get them both together.

Highlights from February 2018

Every Game drive in the Pilanesberg is different, as guides we drive through the gate and never know exactly what is going to happen. This all adds to the excitement as we head out on a game drive.

February has been a busy and wet month for us. We celebrated Chinese new year with many guests joining us on game drives. There was also a lot of rain which didn’t stop the guests that had traveled far and wide to have this experience. With the rain, the park is looking bright green and the flowering Acacia trees add a splash of yellow everywhere (a favorite treat of the Giraffe and Elephants).

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