Close but no luck – A great sighting last week Thursday

Last week Thursday (08/12/2016) on one of our afternoon game drives we had a whole lot of excitement, not even 10 minutes after going through Bakubung gate of the Pilanesberg.

We start our afternoon game drives at 17.00 at the moment and usually this time of day the lions are still resting as it is hot. On this day the weather was overcast so the lions took the cooler weather as an opportunity to hunt.

We sat watching them for over half an hour. It was fantastic to see them communicate with their tails and take up their positions. Unfortunately just before the one female was going to run for it a black-backed jackal ran out of the tree line spooking the wildebeest which gave them a head start.

It was still great to see these big cats in action.

What is the best time to do a Game drive?

A good question that we often get asked by our guests.

A good time to go on a game drive in Pilanesberg depends on the time of year that you are visiting. That is why we change our scheduled gamedrive times seasonally i.e: sunrise and sunset. Doing a gamedrive over these times gives one a better chance of seeing a range of both nocturnal and daytime animals.

In summer it gets so hot during the day that going on a drive in the middle of the day is not ideal as the animals are usually lying in the shade. Going out early means the animals will still be active including your night time predators which will start settling down for the day.

In the afternoons it would be the other way round as the day time animals will be settling down for the night.

In winter it is dark and cold in the early morning and late afternoon so going out on drives at these times is not great as not only do you get cold but the animals tend to disappear.

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