Female cheetah “Rain” makes front page news

On Sunday the 6 November Field guide Greg Esterhuysen picked up his camera just in time to get some amazing photos of Rain taking down an Impala.

The Impala put up quite a fight with dust flying everywhere, however Rain knew what she was doing and manged to keep hold of her prey.

Once the Impala was down her three cubs came in to “help” and share the meal with their mom. The photos were a great hit on our Facebook page with over sixteen thousand people being in awe of the power of this amazing cat. Two days later Rain had made front page news. 

This was truly one of those right place right time moments. We are so glad that Rain and her cubs are doing so well and look forward to sharing the rest of their journey with them.

Giraffe chewing on a bone!

Have you ever seen a giraffe chewing on a bone?

This is something often seen while on Game drive in the Pilanesberg National Park.

While out and about in the Reserve one might see a Giraffe sucking on something, often with saliva streaming from their mouths. If one listens carefully you might even hear the hard object hitting against their teeth.

When the giraffe loses interest and drops its treat you will see that it was a bone that it was sucking on.

This phenomenon is known as Osteophagy. It is believed that animals do this in order to supplement their phosphorus and calcium intake.

Below is a video of a kudu making use of Osteophagy.

Some green vegetation and great sightings after a little rain

We Have had our first bit of rain which has helped turn everything green again, we are hoping for a lot more soon to help fill up the dams.

In the meantime we have started seeing the odd baby Springbok and zebra as the baby season has started.

We are waiting in anticipation for the ”baby boom” . . . Any day now.

You never know what you might see while out on a game drive with us:

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