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An exciting new activity the Leeto-Kgolo Village Tour

Explore the rich and dynamic history of Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela tribe, the people of Pilanesberg. This exciting tour takes you to four Bakgatla heritage sites combined with a travel through the village on bicycles. It comprises of breaks at a local shebeen/tuck shop, at “Tshilong” where you’ll learn about traditional food preparation and concludes at...Read More

Pilanesberg Birds – 3

Sometimes we all concentrate on the big things so much that we forget about a whole another kingdom that is out there … The bird kingdom. Orange-breasted bushshrike (Telophorus sulfureopectus) A very striking colorful bird that is often heard more...Read More
Once in a lifetime sighting

A sad but once in a lifetime sighting

Every now and then you get a sighting where you sit back and think to yourself “Wow did I just see that?” This was one of those sightings for me. On the 2/09/2016 at around 13.00 I was making my...Read More
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