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Pilanesberg Birds – 2

Hamerkop It gets its name from the shape of its head. They build very large nests usually in the fork of a tree. They walk in shallow water looking for prey which consists of amphibians, fish, shrimp, insects and rodents. White-fronted...Read More
Bush roadblocks

The traffic and roadblocks we deal with…Bush Roadblocks

In the city there is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic after a long day. In the bush we deal with traffic and road blocks of a different kind. I’m sure all the guides will agree that a Bush roadblock is...Read More

The cats are out!

The last week has definitely been a cat week in Pilanesberg.  Lots of cats!!! We have had some remarkable big cat sightings while out on game drive from Lions to cheetahs and even the elusive Leopards. Here are some of...Read More
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